My Talk @ Lean Startup Conference Using Remote Tools for Customer Development

Fiercely loyal users takes an exceptional user experience.  I gather the right data and turn it into unique user insights, changing your design assumptions into a passionately embraced product.


  • Holly has a great way of helping teams understand the true needs of users. She's attentive, diplomatic, and well organized when it comes to conducting user research to help get to the core of what's keeping users from getting the most out of an application or website. She understands the design and development processes that go into creating an application and knows how to tie in user research so that the end result is something that makes sense to users.

    David Chavez – Anthiem Ventures

  • Holly's recommendations provided us with actionable data, along with expert insights into our user behavior. We needed to gain insights into our customer's wants and needs, both at an emotional level, and through the support of test data. Holly helped us to understand our product's experience in order to improve conversions and engagement on our site. This allowed us to make specific product redesigns with confidence.

    Ryan O’Connor – GobySavvy

  • We were aware that not enough work had been done in understanding the fundamental assumptions and experience our users had - we only dealt with the symptoms (in the form of support requests and confused users) - rather than knowing anything about what our users were actually thinking when they went on our site. Holly, as an outside person, was able to take that problem and start working with users in a much more neutral and detached way. She is extremely skilled, professional and reliable - she gave us thoughtful advice, and we always felt reassured that she was giving us her genuine view.

    Bridget Harris –

  • Holly has been a dream to work with. Not only does she have the skills, she is super conscientious, and makes working and interacting remotely seem easy. During the course of the last few weeks she has helped us design and run a couple of usability studies that are going to be valuable input as we make oDesk more user friendly for our customers!

    Shipra Kayan – oDesk

  • She is very meticulous with her data gathering and analysis.  She thinks the problems through before designing solutions.  She gives several solution options with cost benefit analysis.

    Farid Moussa – US Government

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