My Talk @ Lean Startup Conference Using Remote Tools for Customer Development

Carrying an idea all the way through to implementation requires thought, due diligence and a methodical approach from the moment the light bulb is switched on to the point where the market is first introduced to an ingenious product. If the competitive business environment has taught us one thing it is that products and ideas can never stop evolving in order to “wow” the market.

Do you share this vision? Let’s discuss your next user experience or customer development project.


  • Holly has been a dream to work with. Not only does she have the skills, she is super conscientious, and makes working and interacting remotely seem easy. During the course of the last few weeks she has helped us design and run a couple of usability studies that are going to be valuable input as we make oDesk more user friendly for our customers!

    Shipra Kayan – oDesk

  • She is very meticulous with her data gathering and analysis.  She thinks the problems through before designing solutions.  She gives several solution options with cost benefit analysis.

    Farid Moussa – US Government

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